Carr cut… again. Is the Jim Plunkett story over?

Let’s hope so.

Over twenty years ago Jim Plunkett beat the Eagles in the Superbowl, capping an amazing comeback from the disappointment he had become. He had been a first round draft pick with great hype, but had slowly decreased in performance and stopped winning games. He got moved from the 49ers to the Patriots where he did even worse. He was shipped cross-country back to his native Oakland where he played backup until injury gave him the chance to succeed.

For the Raiders he played with renewed passion and fervor and led the Raiders to wins in Superbowl 15, and then later under similar circumstances, Superbowl 18. Plunkett was a true top-dog turned underdog then back to top-dog success story.

And then last year David Carr was mentioned so many times during the offseason as the next Plunkett that the contract he got from Carolina was bigger than Plunkett ever got in his entire career. Given the same circumstances, Carr plain stunk. And now the Panthers have cut him, saving 3.5mil in cap space. Good news for Carolina fans.

Two things to note from all this:
1) The Panthers are freeing up some major cap space. Can anyone say “Julius Peppers is gonna get paid out the ass?”
2) Someone is going to pick up a third-string quarterback in David Carr and pay him the veteran minimum. Given all his game experience, it will be the first time Carr is paid less than he’s worth.


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