Shaun Rogers to Cleveland, the league office revoked the trade with the Bengals. This means Corey Williams and Shaun Rogers will be on the Browns defensive line. Is that scary or what? The Browns have sent the Lions a third round pick and cornerback Leigh Bodden, who will replace the recently-released Fernando Bryant.

Randy Moss still on the market.

Isaac Bruce signs with San Francisco. Mike Martz pretends it’s 2002 again.

Alan Faneca decision coming Sunday. Jets are the leading candidates.

Lito Sheppard trade rumors continue to swirl. No details except that he’s on the market.

Seattle’s kicker Josh Brown will sign with the Rams. This report came after an earlier one that he would not be re-signing with the Seahawks as expected. Jeff Wilkins, the Rams former kicker, announced his retirement today.

Gibril Wilson, the former NY Giants safety, has inked a 6 year-$39 million deal with the Raiders. I’m a little puzzled to be honest. It seems like a huge overpayment, and the Raiders scheme is greatly different from the Giants’. But I guess that’s what getting the Lombardi does for your stock. Plus I was starting to like the guy after all the rumors of him coming to the Eagles.


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