Boddington’s Pub Ale gets a C

Outside of nitro fun, it really isn’t all that.

BeerAdvocate link:

Had this on-tap a couple nights ago and am using my notes from the evening to type this up. It was quite a flashback getting this on tap. I remember buying a 4 pack of the nitro cans back in the day and saying to myself that I was drinking a really great beer. After this BeerQuest, I can’t say the same. There’s just so much better out there. That said, nitro taps are _always_ fun; they make beers like happy meals where you get a toy to play with while you eat. This was no exception. Unfortunately, sort of like having Chicken McNuggets after a few years, the taste can’t live up to the memories.

Appearance: Amber, fun nitro head that sustains thickness.

Smell: Not much there. Maybe a little sweetness. Like a light beer.

Taste: Very clean, light, with a hint of malt and hops. Afterwards the taste felt a little gross. (Highly scientific adjectives…)

Mouthfeel: Nitro. Fun.

Drinkability: I don’t even really want more than what I had. Probably the last time I’ll order this Pub Ale, although truly… nitro makes me smile.

I really did feel as if a piece of my childhood (you know, 21 years old, cough cough) had been lost, or tainted, when I revisited this beer. Such disappointment. But I should say, that disappointment was only because of my high expectations. I’d drink this over many, many, many beers.

Serving type: nitro-tap

Reviewed on: 09-20-2010 02:38:19


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