More on the Quest

I began earlier to explain the BeerQuest. At the moment, I’m not busy drinking and reviewing, so it’s a perfect time to fill in the back story.

When my buddy Rob and I were talking today I explained the goal of drinking these 100 like this:

In 1989 at the tender age of 8, I began to collect, 50 cents at a time, the entire set of Donruss baseball cards. The goal was simple. Get every player. It didn’t happen.

A few years later it was Magic the Gathering. Then Star Trek cards. I’m outing my nerdiness here, but you can guess. It didn’t happen.

This can. I can drink 100 beers. I can go to Three Floyds on Dark Lord Day. I can find a Russian River event with Pliny the Younger. It CAN be done.

I’m 17 beers in. Over the course of the quest I’ll post reviews on those and other non-top100 beers. Both from my notes and at the moment I drink them.

And I’ll post my adventures in acquiring them, which is half the fun.

By the time I catch up in reviews, I’ll be ten times less an amateur, and ten times more familiar with exacly what it is I’m tasting. Hopefully I’ll know something more about beer than I do now (it’s great).


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