Drinking a Brute, thinking about NYC Beer Week

It’s late. I need to wake soon for work, but for the moment I’m going to enjoy this Ithaca Beer Company Brute and think about how good NYC Beer Week has been to me.

I just sampled some Cigar City Brewing Sea Bass Farmhouse Ale at Rattle ‘N’ Hum. Can’t say I love it, but that’s more the style than the execution.

Followed it with some CCB Maduro Oatmeal Brown. Love it. Potentially my new session beer. That is, if I could find it on-tap or bottled anywhere.

I’ve also been thinking about the course of this blog. Presently I’m typing to type, but I’m confident no one wants to see some shitty amateur reviews of beer.

Therefore, reviews of beer are henceforth secondary. The first priority will be keeping track of beerdventures, and notable shit going down.

Signing off on a Tuesday night.



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