Review: Speakeasy Midnight Run IBA, B+

I gave it a B+, although I’d lean towards A- with beer goggles. I did the review in bar.

This is from my iPhone, and I’m enjoying this one on tap in a snifter at Amity Hall during NYC Craft Beer Week. Shout outs to the bartenders!

The appearance of this one is great fun. Lotta foamy head, dark rich browns and blacks in the pour. Stupendous lacing (swore to myself I’d use another adjective with lacing at some point).

Enjoying the happy hour atmosphere, I’m not getting much from the aroma. Honestly it’s hoppy but pretty plain, maybe a bit citric, but I’m not too impressed. Mouthfeel is good, but finishes a bit weaker than if expect for this abv and darkness. Drinkability is good though, due in large part to the taste. Speakeasy got that part right.

It’s rich, sweet, malty, but balanced with hops that don’t let anything overpower the other. It’s like a porter except with Indian spices. The finish isn’t clean, but this is still one I’d come back to.

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