Review: Cuvee Des Jacobins Rouge Puckers Oh So Good (A-)

Like in my last post, I just came back from having this on-tap, and I was pleased. It’s a sippable drink that would be far more perfect on a porch midday in the summer than inside a bar on a 55 degree Brooklyn evening in October. That said, I dig it. It was a great brew to nurse while having an intense conversation with the girlfriend about being obsessed with beer.

Appearance is dark red/amber, with only a slight head. Aroma is sour cherry. Taste is that too, but there’s a complexity there that rewards a slow sample. Goes down easy, but there’s substance in the mouth. In the middle there’s sweetness that rides over the tongue, and it ends sour, but clean.

My first Flanders Red, and by the looks of it, I got my “cherry” popped by one of the best. I’ll be back to this style for more.

And lest I forget, the woman is always right.

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