Review: Sixpoint Pumpkin Brewster Disappoints for a C

I had this on cask during craft beer week, and then just an hour ago on tap at Washington Commons in Brooklyn. I’m usually a huge fan of Six Point, being local to it, but I’m disappointed in this one. It just seems flat to me.

The appearance is solid, with a half finger of head and nice rich autumn mix of orange, amber, and brown. The smell had hardly any pumpkin in it for me, and didn’t really carry anything at all. Maybe my nose is off, but it just didn’t seem inviting. As for the taste, there is a subtle hint of pumpkin in the undertones in the middle, and the rest is spice. I hate giving anything from Sixpoint a 2 in this category, but I was not impressed. The finish was off too. I have a feeling there will be supporters who find that subtlety intriguing, or the flavors appealing, but this is not a pumpkin ale for everyone.

As for mouthfeel – it’s medium bodied and very smooth, probably its best characteristic. Drinkability is good if the flavor does it for you. All in all, I’ll be sticking with another pumpkin ale from Brooklyn this fall.

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