Review: Firestone Walker Anniversary 13

A+ (4.65) And one of my top100!

I had this when Ben came down for the weekend. Simply awesome. Shared my bottle with a couple buddies who both said it was the best we ran at the tasting. Finished it later after they left. Wish I could fill it back up and run through it again. This stuff is like bourbony pitch with vanilla, chocolate, fruit, and all other types of goodness infused. I’m a seriously lucky dude for finding this all the way in NYC (Thanks, Rattle N’ Hum!).

Appearance is as near to black as a beer can get – only hints of brown come on the edges. The head pours nicely but not over the top. Smell is where this bad boy starts to separate from the others. The nose leads with candy sweet, follows with bourbon, finishes with a citrus. Taste echoes that. It’s nearly full-bodied, and so so smooth.

For 12%, it still finishes clean and without any alcohol taste. I could get righteous off this very quickly. I’m only rating the drinkability lower because of what might happen after a full bottle of this. I have a serious beer crush.

So now for my trip planning to FW…

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