Review: Southern Tier Pumking, A-, Thanks @stbcbeer

I love pumpkin pie. Seriously. And this beer does it big. In my mind, it’s really this vs. Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin. I’m drinking it presently.

That said, its appearance isn’t all that – a standard pumpkin ale look with a finger width head that has a peachy hue. The beer seems a little bit light, and slightly hazy/yeasty. The smell is exceptional though. Strong burnt caramel, pumpkin, malt aromas waft up. I want to dive in.

Taste is the same, burnt caramel and almost… kettle corn? There’s pumpkin spices present and even a bite of hops midway through. By halfway down the pint, there’s a definite hint of alcohol. Something’s in there too that’s also in ST’s Choklat, and I’m going to try to figure it out in a future review. While the alcohol is consistent with the abv, it lowers the taste and drinkability just a tad. It’s still highly drinkable, and feels great on its way through.

This isn’t one for the spice-only crowd. It’s big and sweet. That said – it’s right up my alley.

UPDATE: Thanks, ktrillionaire. The commonality between this and Choklat is a syrupy taste.

UPDATE 2: Apparently – per the picture – this brew gives me an “Asian Glow”. So there’s that.

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