Review: Brooklyn Brewery Post Road Pumpkin Ale FTW

Gave this bad boy an A. Glad it’s run by BK Brewery now. Following goes the BA review and a crappy picture!

Had with some incredible mac n cheese at Amity Hall, Village, NYC about an hour ago. Not on my Top100, but definitely part of the season and definitely stamping the passport. What’s up, Mike!

Appearance I liked. Standard pumpkin copper, but a bit darker than some others, and a nice head retention. A little cloudy, or else points would be higher. Smell is probably its best strength. Sweet and full aroma, and spices are present too, with a hint of hops. The taste follows the nose at first, starting off with a sugary burnt caramel type feel, then transitioning to malt in the middle, with pumpkin spices and hops in the finish. It’s not a clean finish, and there’s a bit of an overly malty taste that lingers – but to be fair, that’s what I like about it going down.

It might not be highly drinkable just because you might get a bit too much pumpkin in the medium-bodied and carbonated taste, but I could see myself doing at least a 6’er, especially at the pleasing 5% abv.

This is easily the highest rating I’ve given to a BB beer yet, so maybe now I can finally be called a homer.

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