Review: Eastern Shore Lighthause, a Flat D, Ouch.

Had this on a lovely weekend at the end of August. My girlfriend and I had just left a show where one of her favorite performers sang for a crowd of no more than 40 at the NightCat down the street from the bar. Here I was, in the heart of the Eastern Shore, and there on the shelf is an Eastern Shore brew. Well, I went for it. Too bad. The summation of my notes is “ugly ale, nothing to it”… and that’s about what it was.

For what it is, it tries its best to follow the style. It has the malts, but they taste a gross type of burnt. It tries citrus for its fruit, but winds up watery. Smell and mouthfeel were indistinguishable from the BMC’s of the world. Low drinkability because of it. It just doesn’t really work.

But I still loved the Eastern Shore. So it may get another chance.

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