Review: Pretty Things Jack D’Or, (A-) Saison for Everyone

June 2010 bottle, Batch 16. Drank… yesterday.

Had this bad boy at Candle 79 while eating some vegetarian fare.

Reena gives this one the no-beerface stamp of approval, mentioning its floral aroma and the apple start and sour, but oh so smooth finish.

Appearance is its weak point, bearing a hazy amber hue typical of a saison. The smell stands out as subtle but complex, and the taste is just the same. Apple does stand out among other fruits, and pairs with a tartness to give a granny smith vibe. But this isn’t cider- nowhere near it.

In the middle bright hop notes keep the palate dancing, and the end fills the mouth, tongue, throat, etc. yet still finishes clean. The flavor suffered when I let the bomber warm up so I’ll wait to buy one until I have a drinking partner.

But with this one, it shouldn’t be hard. (4.1 out of 5, A-minus.. just barely).

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