Review: Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Jack and Ken’s Ale (Black Barleywine)

Grade: A-, 4.05

This one sold me on Amity Hall. I’ve only graded it an A-, primarily because I’m not in love with barleywines, but at the time it came close to blowing my mind.

Absolute creamy goodness on a barleywine. Felt like a stout. I had it on tap at Amity Hall in the village, and it was the start of a night where I bought a 101 beer passport and a dream to have a plaque on the wall. So that either means it’s excellent or blameworthy.

From notes on the fateful evening of 8/24. It’s so smooth. A fruity sweetness to it. Like chocolate and figs. It’s near black, but almost has a purple hue. A full finger tan head grabs the glass on the pour and retains well. It sits in the mouth fully and finishes clean. It’s like a charred malt on top of a fruity barleywine.

I’m a fan. Props to Sierra Nevada for still making something that I want to drink after all these years of craft brewing (and my short time of craft drinking).


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