Review: Corona Extra

Grade: D- (1.95 out of 5)
Drink Date: 10/23/2010
Review Date: 10/24/2010

My 2 bottles of Corona Extra participated in flip cup and beer pong along with some Miller Lite, which honestly was better. Don’t let anyone lie to you; Corona isn’t better just because it’s more expensive. It’s still a piss color beer made from corn that sits in your guts the next day creating havoc on your system. It makes you realize the real power of branding.

The appearance is a pale yellow, strawlike, filtered and clear. No head or lacing really. Smells and tastes like water with a tiny semblance of malt maybe. Some spices involved I guess. Hard to tell. I feel like if I don’t drink it cold I’ll never get it down. Outside of carbonation there’s nothing that’s not light about it, even in it’s “extra” form, and it’s grossness really prevents any drinkability whatsoever.

I never thought I’d say to myself that I’d rather have a Miller Lite. I’m amazed.

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