Review: Founders Breakfast Stout (#18 of B’s Top100!)

Drink Date: 10/26/2010
Review Date: 10/26/2010
Grade: A+ (4.7 of 5)
Reena Beerface: No

This one is just so damn good. It’s rare to find a beer everyone in your group likes, but this is it. While KBS and CBS are exceptional in their own way, this one has the power of drinkability. Like greyskull.

If I had one of these a day it wouldn’t be a bad life. Appearance is dark brown, but not pitch. Lacing solid, head nice and tan, finger length. Smell is coffee chocolate and malts. Mostly coffee. Taste is still sitting on my tongue even after I’ve left Washington Commons where I had it on tap. Coffee up front, chocolate malts in the middle, dirty oatmealy sweet finish that lingers with fine chocolate.

Everyone should have this beer everywhere at all times an all places. It will cure cancer and solve starvation.

Insert: New tag, maybe page… whether or not a beer gives Reena beerface. This one did not. Hi-Five, Founders!

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