Review: Ballast Point Victory at Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter

Drink Date: 10/31/2010
Review Date: 10/31/2010
Grade: A- (4.05 out of 5)
Beerface: Yes 😦
Top100: #76
Thanks to my buddy Matt for shipping me these from San Diego, days after their recent October release. Perfect to drink on a fantasy football day. Also perfect because there’s a skeleton on the bottle and it’s Halloween.

The appearance is dark brown with hints of amber, and a nice finger of tan head that diminishes fairly quickly to just rimming the drink. The smell is excellent. Coffee, vanilla, like the name suggests, but then also malts, chocolate, and a little carbon.

The taste is also big on coffee. Starts like an espresso, then finishes with some caramel, mocha, and vanilla. In the mouth it’s a little bit less creamy than I’m accustomed to with an imperial, but nothing terrible. It’s definitely drinkable, although the alcohol is definitely present as it warms. Happy Halloween!

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