Review: Evolution Lucky 7 Porter

Drink Date: 8/26/2010
Review Date: 10/31/2010
Grade: B+ (3.8 out of 5)
Beerface: No 🙂

Review from notes. Had this on epic Jill Andrews weekend, at the show itself at NightCat in Easton, MD (nice beers for such a small venue, also had a DFH Indian Brown). It was bottled and part of a bucket o’ beers promotion. Made the show even better.

That said, while appearance was good, and smell was strong too, the taste just didn’t fulfill the burnt caramel promise on the nose. It felt a bit watery, not really big enough mouthfeel for a porter. That said, it was still a tasty brew, with not too much abv, and I could see myself repeating it if in the mood for a dark beverage in Delaware.

That is… if DFH weren’t so nearby.

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