Review: Margaritaville’s Landshark Lager

Drink Date: 10/11/2010
Review Date: 10/31/2010
Beerface: No 🙂
Grade: C+ (3.15 out of 5)

I’ve had two of these under probably the best possible circumstances. Bottled during a trip to the Eastern Shore back in August, and then more recently at the new Meadowlands for the Jets and Vikings Monday Night Football game.

That said, environment can only help so much. The smell might actually be a smell – I can’t tell. But it’s an adjunct – probably corn. The appearance is … a bit pissy. But the taste isn’t completely terrible. I actually think that, for the style, this one does well. Certainly beats Corona. There’s a good carbonation to it also, so even though it’s light-bodied it feels medium in the mouth.

In the situations that I drank it, it was drinkable. I can’t say this is one that I’d come back to, but if forced to choose between adjunct lagers – one could do worse.

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