Review: Bells Two Hearted Ale

Drink Date: 11/3/2010
Review Date: 11/3/2010
Grade: A- (4.2 out of 5)
Top100: #86

IPA’s aren’t my thing, but I still enjoyed this one. Had it out of a bottle on the same day that I got it in the mail. Yes, that’s the state of New York distribution. We can’t even buy popular year-rounds like this.

There’s a ton of head, and the light amber hue sits nicely underneath it. The smell is flowery, and the hops and hop citrus are fully present, but if you’re an IPA fan, the hops in here might not impress. The taste has a bit of nutty/burnt sweetness to go along with the hops and citrus, making for a nice balance. It’s crisp, light to medium bodied, well-carbonated, and at 7.1ABV, this is one of those that’ll creep up on you at happy hour.

I hope to have that chance soon.

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