Review: Goose Island Vanilla Bean Bourbon County Stout

Drink Date: 11/3/2010
Review Date: 11/3/2010
Grade: A+ (4.6 out of 5)

Goddamn. There’s something about these stouts that’s just so fcking magical. Sorry – no other way to say it. Jingle bells and unicorns are in my beer. Right now. I’m drinking a unicorn.

The appearance of my mythical creature is pitch black, and would be a five of five but it’s headless. Probably the keg, but I’m not complaining. Smell has vanilla that tempers but doesn’t weaken the bourbon. There’s coffee, toasty malts, chocolate, and a ligre.

Taste is nuts. Not nuts like cashews but like your uncle that only your mom keeps in touch with. It’s the GI BC base with vanilla. Nothing wins. It’s all there. Drinkability is a bit low because you always have to sip these.

Lest you find yourself grinding to "Walk like an Egyptian" with three elves and two unicorns.

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