Review: Goose Island Bourbon County Stout

Drink Date:
Review Date:
Grade: A+ (4.55 out of 5)
Top100: #39
Beerface: Yes

I’ve had 2008, 2009 bottles, and the 2009 on tap. Every single time it blows my mind. The vanilla version is sort of like drinking a unicorn, so the regular version is maybe… horses running through fields of poppies?

Either way, the rich and dark appearance pours nearly pitch black with little head. It stays with even less, sitting there in your glass like pitch. Great legs though. And the smell is unbelievable. Bourbon fills the nose. Also there’s chocolate and coffee. The taste is out of this world, and probably the best part about it. Dark chocolate, coffee, figs, malts, and only a hint of bourbon in the taste up front. The rest of the swallow you’re left to remember it by smell. The booziness is more and more present as it warms.

Without question it fills the mouth, and this one is as drinkable as you can handle the 13% abv. My first time having it I walked like an Egyptian to 80’s music for a couple hours afterwards. Second time pretended to be Russian and wore an aviator hat in the middle of September. Enjoy this… responsibly.

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  1. In the summer of 2005 two of Kansas City s well-known entrepreneurs stumbled into each other in NYC s Times Square and a collaboration was born. I sometimes mix this coffee with my regular Bavarian Chocolate if I want to have a little less intense experience but this is one fabulous coffee.

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