Review: Russian River Pliny the Elder (!!)

Drink Date: 11/9/2010
Review Date: 11/22/2010
Grade: A- (4.15 out of 5)
Top100: #2
Beerface: No

Woo! Pliny! Pretty sure I’m special now… right?

I had this one on 11/9/10, and it was a bottle date of 8/16/10. Pretty sure Vinnie would have told me to throw it out. But it was the freshest I could score and I’ll come back to update this when I have a newly minted one to review and compare.

That said, for its lack of freshness it was still a solid solid brew. A great initial bite nearly comes through the nose along with florals, and looking at the pour it’s a lovely headed amber/golden hued West Coast IPA through and through. Exactly what you would expect, and done well. The taste follows that hoppy bite with a citrus presence, and a bit of a malt backbone. Sorta sits there on the tongue like a Ballast Point Sculpin IPA.

Ahh, and a clean finish too. Although start to end I couldn’t say this stood out from other well done WC IPA’s, I can easily say that I’d drink it again. When I’m in the mood for getting slammed (that’s what she said?) with hops. Or feeling special.


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