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ISO: 1 bottle of Darkness ’10. FT: Intriguing offer…see inside…

This needed reposting:

"OK, so I’ve posted a trade thread before offering some Dark Lord and/or other stuff for a bottle of Darkness. Didn’t get much luck. So this is my new offer:

In exchange for 1 bottle of Darkness, I will send you a box of random beers of my choosing. I will try to hit wants if I can, or stay within a style. In addition to that, I will personally draw a picture of you with the bottles of beer I send you, and it will be pretty crazy. I will leave the rest of the details as a surprise. I will need a picture of you emailed to me obviously. Note: I am not a professional artist, but I am sort of creative. This will be done in colored pencil. Do not expect really fine art. I am open to requests or suggestions on the drawing."

BA Link:


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Founders Breakfast Suspended… In Sweden

This one got me laughing. It’s already 6 months old. But come on, Sweden! Really?

Breakfast Stout sales were suspended in Sweden

I suppose this one makes sense though. It IS a baby, after all. Sort of.

And plus… Sweden does study belching cows:

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Not Football, Not Beer

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Double Burritos does not equal Double Bastard

My recent quest has taken a turn towards giving me a constant cold (per my last post), and I’m recouping hardcore by avoiding beer for as long as it takes.

I’ve pre-determined that it will take 3 more days.

That said, my plan on eating more to compensate for no beer is not going well. I had two of these suckers and am feeling sickly stuffed. Thank you, Trader Joes. I just swallowed some burrito. For a second time.

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Not Even Hipsters Want to Be Hipsters?

Apparently not…

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Buddy’s watching you!

Buddy Ryan is watching you. Take it from the late Reggie White, Randall Cunningham, and the rest of the 1988 Philadelphia Eagles who made this song/video.

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Has she already started nagging about the 14th?

Yes? Then send her this e-card on Valentine’s Day.

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