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Michael Vick Wallops the Redskins on MNF

Holy Christ, what a weapon! Vick threw for 4TD’s, ran for 2 more. Eagles had 593 yards of total offense.

This is the first time I’ve ever felt bad for Donovan McNabb. And maybe that makes me a typical Eagles fan. Never felt for the guy while he was here. But without question all that talk about he’s a franchise quarterback and we let him go… Andy Reid was right.

It pains my Andy Reid hating persona to say it, but maybe the only thing we have been missing all these years in Philly wasn’t wide receivers, but a quarterback.

Mike Vick, stay healthy. I want to see what happens next.


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SD D/ST Proves Studying League Settings Add an Edge

I’ve made some crap draft decisions this year in fantasy football. It’s why I’ve mentioned football so little in this space. In one league, I am middle of the pack in points, but sitting with a 0-3 record.

Yesterday was no different. I actually listened to and played Darrius Heyward-Bey over Michael Crabtree. Yes, I thought like Al Davis.

But the afternoon game proved to keep me in the matchup. I had only a kicker and a defense left to go against a strong opposing squad. And then something wonderful happened. Interception after interception, San Diego Chargers Defense kepte in it. I got 40 from them.

When everyone else at the draft was busy fighting over Brandon Lafell and Dexter McCluster, I scooped up a second, then a third team defense. The scoring settings were just too abnormally skewed in favor of Team D. SD was the third team I drafted, and it might have been the only smart decision I made that evening.

Tonight I’ve got Brandon Marshall against Wes Welker and a point. Consider me a Dolphins fan.

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Holy Lord, Barry Sanders!

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Count Me In for Vick against the Lions

Sitting at work is a pretty easy time to get distracted and think about football. And I have to admit that a few times today I found my mind wandering to the weekend. Mike Vick will probably get the start vs. the Lions, especially considering the heat the Eagles are taking for their handling of Kolb and Bradley’s concussions. They’ll want to rest them both, and figure that the Lions present an easy enough opponent (even though they aren’t) and the two will sit. That leaves Vick to run against a defense that proved fairly stout against the Bears. Unless the Bears, Cutler, and Martz are just that bad.

Nevertheless, rushing to get ready for class, this is what’s on my mind. Damn, that guy was explosive!

Also, speaking of class, it’s on Internet Infrastructure and Domains. Looking forward to it.

Note #2: Class = beer review coming this evening.

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Eagles and Vick

No controversy here in my mind yet, but the poise Vick has shown is absolutely fantastic.

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New site… soon.

AFK football is moving to  Give us a short time to get the new project running, then we’ll get back to this boring period of off-season.

No fear though, I’ve still got to go through the combine results, pro days are starting, and I’ve imported a couple old posts from my group‘s original site that I have to follow-up on. Plus Nadia’s got cheerleaders, football wives, and bitches.

The blog will still be wordpress, we’ll just not be using their hosting anymore. Here’s some thanks for the hosting from Nadia’s files (she’s on the phone so I can steal them).


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Quick Salary Cap Sh*t

No question the NFL Salary cap is confusing. And i’m not here to explain it.

But this is a great article.

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