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Review: Nebraska NBC Cardinal Pale Ale

This one gets a B.

Had this on cask during NYC Craft Beer week. Ah, why do we not have 51 other craft beer weeks, people?

This brew does the style fairly solidly, but not exceptionally. There’s a nice finger head on the pour, even from a cask. The aroma is a clean and light hoppy, with something else present in the nose, but only faintly. This APA is very hoppy, almost too much so for my taste. That said, it’s got a clean finish that leaves the hops hanging there. Great mouthfeel though, really great body for a pale and it definitely stood out. In terms of drinkability, it wasn’t so great for me but if you’re a fan of the style and of hops then you’ll definitely enjoy it.

In the end, it does what you expect, with a nice abv and great mouthfeel.

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