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Review: Evolution Lucky 7 Porter

Drink Date: 8/26/2010
Review Date: 10/31/2010
Grade: B+ (3.8 out of 5)
Beerface: No 🙂

Review from notes. Had this on epic Jill Andrews weekend, at the show itself at NightCat in Easton, MD (nice beers for such a small venue, also had a DFH Indian Brown). It was bottled and part of a bucket o’ beers promotion. Made the show even better.

That said, while appearance was good, and smell was strong too, the taste just didn’t fulfill the burnt caramel promise on the nose. It felt a bit watery, not really big enough mouthfeel for a porter. That said, it was still a tasty brew, with not too much abv, and I could see myself repeating it if in the mood for a dark beverage in Delaware.

That is… if DFH weren’t so nearby.

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Review: Ballast Point Victory at Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter

Drink Date: 10/31/2010
Review Date: 10/31/2010
Grade: A- (4.05 out of 5)
Beerface: Yes 😦
Top100: #76
Thanks to my buddy Matt for shipping me these from San Diego, days after their recent October release. Perfect to drink on a fantasy football day. Also perfect because there’s a skeleton on the bottle and it’s Halloween.

The appearance is dark brown with hints of amber, and a nice finger of tan head that diminishes fairly quickly to just rimming the drink. The smell is excellent. Coffee, vanilla, like the name suggests, but then also malts, chocolate, and a little carbon.

The taste is also big on coffee. Starts like an espresso, then finishes with some caramel, mocha, and vanilla. In the mouth it’s a little bit less creamy than I’m accustomed to with an imperial, but nothing terrible. It’s definitely drinkable, although the alcohol is definitely present as it warms. Happy Halloween!

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Review: Captain Lawrence Imperial Smoked Porters gets an A+

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Fortunately, this beer has done me well. No life crises induced, no depressing beer fanatic moments, just some solid taste that makes me smile. I got it in a growler from Bierkraft in Brooklyn and poured into a pint glass. As the guy described it: "Man, the smoke in there is like a football field was filled with tires set on fire and then all at once put out… then they trapped that smoke and put it in this beer". So… yeah, it’s bad ass.

Appearance: Dark and rich, very portly. (I have a small vocabulary). Rich lacing.

Smell: Smoke. And … barbeque? I’m a vegetarian and eating, er, drinking this beer makes me feel like I’ve sinned.

Taste: Along the same lines. Sinful. There’s a rich and creamy sweetness to it, plus meatiness, and some pleasant hints of chocolate and other good stuff.

Mouthfeel: Total.

Drinkability: High. And not overdone with alcohol, so you don’t feel like you should apologize after drinking it (although maybe you should).

Serving type: growler

Reviewed on: 09-18-2010 23:18:58

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