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Review: Terrapin Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout

Drink Date: 11/25/2010
Review Date: 11/25/2010
Grade: B+ (3.85 out of 5)

First beer of my Thanksgiving trip to PA. On tap at Flying Pig Saloon in Malvern. Waiting on my Bell’s box from Michigan. Also this is my first Terrapin and their naming is pretty awesome.

The appearance is dark brown/black with a tan head that dissipates into decent lacing. Looks appetizing for sure. The nose doesn’t hit you over the head – malts and chocolate and that’s about it. Taste is a chocolate stout through and through, and for a sweet stout it’s still got a little bite in the middle. Finish is easy like milk, helping the medium body go down smooth.

Can’t say this is a favorite, can’t say I don’t like it. It’s good, well-built, and won’t do you wrong.

Just won’t blow your mind either. Mooo!

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Stone Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Russian Stout

This is lunch… Today is a good Wednesday.

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Review: Troegs Java Head Gets an A-

Appearance: Nice initial and sustaining head on this thick dark stout.

Smell: Coffee, oatmeal, sweetness. Good stout smell.

Taste: Well done beer, yet again, by Troegs. Only problem is there was nothing that stood out about it. For a name like Java Head, I was expecting maybe the coffee to really stand out, but it didn’t. It was like weak coffee. That’s not to say it was bad; it wasn’t. It just wasn’t exceptional.

Mouthfeel: There wasn’t as much to this brew as other stouts. Still solid, just not crazy.

Drinkability: This is a repeater. Maybe not too much so, because at 7.5% it still packs a punch. But it’s an easy beer to finish off while chatting with the bartender.

You know, cuz you’re a lonely guy reviewing beers on the internet. What else are you doing?

Serving type: on-tap

Reviewed on: 09-15-2010 04:17:27

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Tröegs Java Head Coffee Stout

Reviewing Live at the Bar… Amity Hall. (Get the passport).

Amateur review incoming.

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Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel

New review posted:

amateur review incoming!

Appearance: black and brown with a dark brown translucent edge. Little bit of head that dissipated nicely into the dark pool.

Smell: coffee and stouty malty goodness

Taste: rich coffee and yes, the oatmeal is present. The hops come through as does the malt and it winds up just a well-done good feeling taste. Little hint of alcohol on the aftertaste keeps this from a 5.0

Mouthfeel: Brown with a nice body. Yeah.

Drinkability: the aftertaste and the high abv stop it from perfection but on taste smell and mouthfeel alone this hits as one of the best I’ve had.

Three cheers!!

Serving type: on-tap

Reviewed on: 09-14-2010 01:33:55

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A Very Serious Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch

Brilliantly tasty. Like a defensive struggle between two playoff teams. Review to come.

This guy is totally amateur, so he must take these things seriously (tongue is close to cheek)

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