12 years ago, I was one of a bunch of guys who sat around his parents’ house playing video games all day with random strangers online. Now – a good group of us still stay in touch. I consider it a fraternity. About a year ago, a few of them decided we’d start to try to drink the nation’s best beers. We agreed on a list, and started tickin’! It’s a shared purpose, a list that was BeerAdvocate’s Top100 American Craft Ales (as decided on August 12th, 2010), which as far as I can tell, has 99 beers still in existence that we can try!

So this blog is one man’s journey through those incredibly special 100 (99) brews. But I’m no special man. I’m an amateur, doing amateur things. Like drinking beer, watching football, and commenting on both of them. Whether you read my commentary or not is up to you.

After all, you get what you pay for.


Info on older posts: The original incarnation of this blog is described below:”The content of the site is random football bullshit and borderline SFW honies. Thanks for checkin it out.”


3 responses to “About

  1. Terry G

    Meet you last night at Amity Hall, told you I’d check out the site. So now your readership is up to two (three if you count me wife!) Good Luck on the quest, I’m sure I’ll run into you again as you work towards completing your Passport.

    Terry G.

  2. Brendan

    Thanks for stopping by, Terry. I think I could have called the blog “Passport 101” and had the same difficulty – it’s quite the task we’ve taken on at Amity. See you along the way!

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